Get a thorough idea about maid insurance

People hire maids to help them in their daily household tasks. The person who hires a maid also has the responsibility to take care of her. Many countries have made it compulsory. The employer has

People hire maids to help them in their daily household tasks. The person who hires a maid also has the responsibility to take care of her. Many countries have made it compulsory. The employer has to purchase maid insurance, which has many types of coverage. These include accidents, medical, security, etc. HL Assurance in Singapore helps the people to purchase the insurance at a reasonable cost. Maid insurance is a good option for domestic helper and if a person is going to buy it for the first time, he should read all the terms and conditions. If he has any doubts regarding any of the conditions, he can ask the agent about it.

Things included in the maid insurance

Many things are included in maid insurance like medical expenses, personal liability cover, repatriation expense, and many more. Consult a reputed company like HL Assurance to get a detailed insight on this subject.

Coverage of medical expenses

All the insurers will provide medical coverage for the maid. The benefits and features provided by each insurer are different from each other. An employer of the maid needs to look for comprehensive medical coverage, which will benefit her employer also do not have to bear any expenses. Many things can be included in medical insurance and these are as follows.

  • The policy should cover the expenses that will be caused due to an accident or injury
  • There are many expenses that the employer has to bear in the hospital or for surgery for the maid. These expenses are available up to a pre-determined limit. The domestic helper can get mild or severe injuries while performing her task. She may also become ill and she may have to go through many types of tests and treatments. The coverage should include the charges of the room, surgery, usage of other services provided by the hospital.
  • The plan can cover the cost, which the employer has to bear for day surgery. Such plans may also increase the treatment, which is done before and after hospitalization. The period of pre and post hospitalization should be within 90 days. The coverage conditions provided by various insurers are different. The employer needs to go through each condition carefully before purchasing a policy.
  • If an employer feels that coverage of surgery is necessary, he will have the facility to purchase an add on. Standard plans provide less coverage and for the surgery and an add on can boost it.

Expenses related to dental problems

Many companies do not provide coverage regarding the dental problem. If there is any requirement for the dental treatment of the maid, the employer has to pay it from his pocket.

Expenses related to levy reimbursement and wages

Some insurance policies will pay for the wages of the maids. The payment will also have the inclusion of government levy. The payment will be made for the period in which the maid was in the hospital and also for the period in which she was on medical leave. The claim of the policy is based on the number of days the maid was in the hospital. This number has a maximum limit.

Coverage of repatriation expenses

There are situations when a maid becomes disabled permanently. This reason can be her old age, injury, accident, or other reason. In such a case, it is mandatory to send her to her home. This can become costly and in such a case, the policy, which includes the coverage or repatriation expenses, can be used. If the maid dies due to any reason, the policy will cover the expenses of the last rites. If the employer wants to send her dead body or the ashes to her family, the policy will cover those expenses too.

Coverage of personal liability

This coverage will include those expenses, which are related to the maid. If she has injured someone and there is a legal case on her, those expenses will also be covered. Besides injuries, if the property of anybody has been damaged by her, those expenses will also be covered. The claim for damage will be up to a certain limit, which will be specified in the policy.

Can the policy be terminated?

There are situations where an employer has to terminate the maid from her services. In such a case, the insurance company will pay back the amount of premium depending upon the days she has worked. If she has worked for 60 days and is terminated, the employer will get 60% of the premium paid.

Things to consider while purchasing the policy

The employer needs to read all the terms and conditions before purchasing a maid insurance policy. Nobody wants that the policy does not cover all his requirements. Claiming the amount varies from one policy to another.

Wrapping up

These are some of the details regarding maid insurance and the employer has to choose such a policy that will fulfill all his requirements. Understanding of each condition in the policy is necessary so that claiming the amount is easy.