Everything You Should Know About Skirting Boards

We have been using base or skirting boards for years in numerous forms. You probably know that, in most cases, they tend to service a few essential purposes. First, you will be able to add

We have been using base or skirting boards for years in numerous forms. You probably know that, in most cases, they tend to service a few essential purposes. First, you will be able to add it to a single room to improve its aesthetical appeal.

In case you live in an old house, you have probably noticed that skirting boards feature mouldings, and they can include other intricate features that will make it a perfect decoration for any room.Therefore, in the basic situation, you can use a skirting board from Metres Direct, and you can easily glue, screw or nail it to the wall for decorative purposes.

The second, most common purpose of baseboards, is to create additional protection for walls.

You will be able to use them to protect walls against accidentals hits and wear and tear that could happen from furniture or after maintenance. Finally, you can use skirting boards for hiding rugged and uneven floor as well as wall edges.

Remember that if you wish to conduct a wood flooring project, you should find proper skirting boards for your current situation.

Benefits of Skirting Boards

1.     Prevent Wall Damage

The best thing about baseboards is their ability to protect the bottom of the walls by implementing them at each corner so that you can reduce the damage that may happen due to numerous reasons.

You probably know that the most common reasons for damaging the bottom of the walls are:

  • Scrapes and knocks that happen while you are cleaning and vacuuming around.
  • Scrapes and knocks from mopping, which can also affect its overall appearance.
  • Wear and tear can happen due to foot traffic which is something you have to remember
  • Children are more likely to affect the bottom of the wall by playing with toys and bumping around.
  • Damage can also happen due to bikes and pushchairs, which is why you will need additional protection.

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We can list more situations that could lead to wall damage. Therefore, you should protect everything by adding skirting boards around the edges so that you can improve the overall appearance of your household.

2.     Hide the Gap between the Floor and Plaster

Remember that one of the biggest reasons why you should add baseboards is to hide the gap between the floor and the plastered wall. If you neglect doing so, the gap will become transparent and messy, and it can expand as time goes by.

At the same time, you will be able to prevent excessive humidity from reaching the plasterboard, which may lead to condensation and other humidity issues.

3.     Improve the Aesthetical Appeal of the Room

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, you can use baseboards to improve the overall appearance of your rooms. You can find a wide array of designs, which will provide you peace of mind when it comes to deciding which one will present a new and appealing character to your home.

It does not matter if you wish to get modern ones, minimalistic or traditional designs, because you will be able to install them to enjoy in beautiful surroundings.

In case you have high ceilings, you will be able to find large skirting boards, and you can choose the exact dimensions based on your interior. Remember that if you add too large a baseboard in a small room, you will make it appear smaller than it is.

4.     Perfect Addition to Renovation

If you wish to renovate your apartment or household, you should find appropriate baseboards that will protect the wall and create more appealing surroundings. The decision depends solely on you and the way you wish to fit the new floor.

Living in old houses means that you will have plenty of work when it comes to removing skirting boards because they tend to take plenty of wall’s plaster with them.

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That is the main reason why people decide to leave them while changing the wooden floor. The best way to reduce a hassle is to measure flooring up to each wall and create a neat joint between the skirting board and flooring.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide, you have to leave a gap between the edge of your room and flooring because wood tends to contract and expand as time goes by.