England’s Best Destinations for Minibus Holidays

Airline tickets and train fares both seem to get more expensive every time you look at them. The sheer cost of travel often puts a crimp in your family holiday planning. Driving is a transportation

Airline tickets and train fares both seem to get more expensive every time you look at them. The sheer cost of travel often puts a crimp in your family holiday planning. Driving is a transportation option that you should always keep on the table! Overloading a single car or resorting to multiple vehicles might risk spoiling the trip, though. Why not take yourself out to some of England’s best road-accessible destinations in the comfort and convenience of your own minibus? Minibuses are for many parties the ideal holiday transportation solution. They’re almost impossible to beat if you’re headed to a UK destination! Let’s take a brief look at some of the best potential holiday spots available to you right now!

The Cotswold’s

The Cotswold’s are a perennial favorite for family vacations. Their historic villages nestled amidst rolling hills and endless meadows. Located conveniently close to London with some great scenery along the way, the Cotswold’s make a perfect destination for car or minibus vacations. Potential attractions in the area include countless quaint villages, some of England’s finest walking, and all the idylls of traditional country life.

The Yorkshire Dales

Locals and enthusiastic visitors alike have declared the Yorkshire Dales to be ‘God’s own country,” and it’s not hard to see why. The region is stuffed full to bursting with untouched greenery and dramatic views; it makes an absolutely ideal contrast to the busy industry of living in the cities. The Dales has picturesque villages, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, charming farms, wild landscapes, and gorgeous walking paths. Yorkshire is a particularly good place to see some of the world’s finest dry stone walling on display.

The Lake District

The Lake District entertains millions of people – individuals, couples, and families – every year. Swimming and admiring the stunning lakeside landscapes are popular, of course, but hiking and driving over the District’s hilly terrain are also worthwhile diversions. Weather in the Lake District is highly changeable, but that just makes the best views and most enjoyable moments that much sweeter. The Lake District is an especially suited destination for camping holidays. It has countless little sites that are perfect for lakeside relaxation and memorable stays that feature plenty of swimming and sailing.

Devon & Cornwall

The coast in Devon and Cornwall makes an excellent destination if you’re interested in charting a southward coast. A warmer climate and outstanding beaches make Devon & Cornwall the destinations of choice for sun-loving holidaymakers. The warmer weather in this area gives the region a distinctive range of flora you won’t find in any other part of the country. Beyond the beaches, Devon & Cornwall offer fascinating cycling tours and interesting fishing villages that are well worth a visit.

The Peak District

The name gives you a strong hint as to what you can expect to find in the Peak District. This region stretches from the Dark Peak in the north to the White Peak in the south, with plenty of other elevations in between. The land tends towards moors around the Dark Peak and limestone valleys in the south; the majority of the residents are found in this end. The Peak District is packed with dramatic driving roads and spectacular scenery.

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