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Battling Depression Through Video Gaming Therapy

Admit it, teenagers are pretty hard to figure out, especially when it comes to their own mindset. You cannot replace or pay a lot of people to relive their teenage days, and possibly with a

Admit it, teenagers are pretty hard to figure out, especially when it comes to their own mindset. You cannot replace or pay a lot of people to relive their teenage days, and possibly with a lot of good reason.

Why? It is because a lot of us suffer a lot of depression, anxiety, uncertainty and a lot of bad stuff during our teenage years and you cannot blame yourself for that because it was the most crucial stage of your life where one minute you are happy, the second you are depressed. The teenage years are full of emotions, and that starts when you turn 12 until 18 where your body, brain, and your hormones undergo tremendous changes that can be visibly seen physically, emotionally, and mentally, and comes along with that is the high expectations that society adds to your burden especially when it comes to your academics and your outlook in life.

During the teenage years, failing could become a disaster and a lot of teenagers take this seriously and could result in bad things. If you are a parent and have one or two teenage kids, please do not pressure them to meet your goals. Instead of pressuring them to excel in everything that they do, you should consider them as individuals that can function and decide independently.

According to psychiatric studies, teenagers who are exposed to technological devices like mobile phones, computers, and gaming consoles have a better outlook in life than teenagers who do not have any activities aside from school.

Video games in particular, according to psychiatrists can alleviate the symptoms of depression for a teenager. The immersive entertainment that we get from the video games that we play can be used as a therapy to fight depression.

For sure, video games can be addicting because of the different level of entertainment it provides to the gamers, but for teenagers who suffer depression and anxiety, playing video games has a whole lot meaning to them.

For parents, they should be educated and aware that dealing and addressing this problem to their children should be taken seriously but in a very positive way.

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Gladly, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other known research organizations that battles depression are continuing to expand their knowledge on improving the treatment for depression and interestingly, they found a solution to this problem by utilizing what we have in the virtual world particularly with video games.

Many experts already believe way before that video games can be therapeutic in some ways. If you do not feel enjoyed or entertained with video games then why millions of teenagers are hooked to their computers and their consoles for hours? Video games can be violent, graphics, and sometimes obscene but the value of entertainment it provides can help someone dealing with depression.

Video game is harmless as long as it is supervised by parents. There are different video game ratings that are recommended for your teener to play and help them cope up with the pressure that they are dealing with their teenage life.

Aside from entertainment, video games can also create bridges to communicate and socialize with fellow teenagers. It can even become their alternative way to develop their skills considering that video games nowadays can become a career.

Video games, however, can be helpful in fighting depression, but the thing is, parents should show more support to their children. Try listening to them, make them open up and let them talk, communicate with them because it would be easier for them to share their minds if you try to listen to them.

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