Would availing a permanent tattoo during pregnancy a safe option

Thinking of a permanent tattoo during pregnancy? This could be your way of showing your joy to the outside world that you are pregnant. So before you head to the tattoo parlour here are some points for you to ponder over. Certain risks are posed to the baby before you plan to expose yourself to the tattoo machine.

semi tattoo during pregnancy

Have a discussion with your doctor

Doctors have a strict stance against tattoos during pregnancy and their answer is a no.  The body of each and every woman is different and how the inks and dyes are going to react on a body is difficult to predict. If limited amount of chemicals for a tattoo are used on a mother it is harmless, but for sure it is going to leave an impact on the baby. If a semi tattoo during pregnancy is not to be considered till you have reached the last stage. Normally the doctor will ask you to wait for your delivery to be over before you opt for a permanent tattoo.

Eventually if you have decided to opt for a tattoo during pregnancy, then

If the case is such that your doctor has given a green light for availing a tattoo, then you need to be very careful with regards to the choice of an artist

  • You should not go on to choose a tattoo artist who is not registered and licensed. Just be aware of the fact that the artist is skilled and has sufficient experience under their belt
  • Any tattoo parlour that you are visiting should be incorporated with an auto clave. It points to the fact that there should be a sterilizing unit. It would be prudent on your part in planning a couple of unplanned visits to the tattoo parlour to find out whether attention is paid to the hygiene part.
  • No doubt being inked is a great fun, but you would need to focus your attention on small things. The artist needs to use gloves during the process and disposable needs are to be used. The dyes or the inks that a tattoo artist uses should be sealed and packed.

What is the case if you are not sure about a permanent tattoo?

Before you plan to head to a tattoo parlour give careful consideration to this decision. The chances of developing an infection in the form of Hepatitis or HIV are on the higher side. It would be a better idea to wait till the baby is born. In fact it has to be stated that there is very limited information available whether the dyes can harm the developing baby. In the starting 12 weeks of pregnancy you need to be cautious about each and every thing and that includes tattoo ink as well. Quite a lot of studies that have been conducted till now the results have turned out to be inconclusive.

To conclude tattoos the permanent ones are there for life. It would be better till your pregnancy is over if you are planning to avail one.

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