Work and Socialize At the Same Time in Hong Kong

Making friends and meeting people who are in the same career paths is not easy and especially when in a busy city as Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the busiest and densely populated urban cities in Asia. People from all forms of life reside and work in this mega city. People are busy with tight schedules and hence lack enough time to socialize. Socializing in Hong Kong was not easy until the establishment of the Mozaic Social Networking expansion brand in Hong Kong. Being the only social networking group, the club has brought together people who share a common interest and like-minded individuals. Due to the busy schedules of the members, the club offers an online platform where interested parties join and then plan for actual meetings. The club is open to any interested Hong Kong resident who is above the age of 40 years.

Socialize At the Same Time in Hong Kong

At Mozaic, we provide the perfect platform for people going through similar life challenges and family situations to actually link up and share between their circles. People go through a lot of life and even family set bucks some to the verges of giving up. It was for these reasons and more that led the founders to decide on creating a platform that will bring together people facing similar challenges to encourage, build and advice one another. Due to the nature of Hong Kong, it is not an easy task to find English social networking groups and hence the need of creating Mozaic social group as an English social networking club to aid in socializing in Hong Kong. The club offers a wide networking solution for English speaking residents in Hong Kong and hence an opportunity for people with the same agenda to hook up.

In addition to meetings, the club organizes activities such as junk trips, wine tasting and cultural talks that ensure our members are well informed. In addition to the activities, we have occasional historical walks that keep our members rejuvenated and healthy. Mozaic goal apart from socializing in Hong Kong is to ensure that every member gets a full body and mind relaxation away from the busy schedules. Additionally, we look forward to providing our members with fun activities that will raise their spirits and lower their pressure. The club offers entry to couples who intend to add their social circles and also to singles that might be looking for perfect matches. Due to the variety in professions, the club offers an opportunity and platform for business people to link and widen their thoughts and ideas. Mozaic is open to any Hong Kong resident who is looking for friends, romance, business partners and a relaxing forum and must be over the age of forty.

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