What you should know before making a permanent or molded

The one that has it smooth, wants it curled and the one that has it curled wants it smooth. For me, that’s true since I have the use of reason. I saw it in my grandmother, then in my mother and then, of course, in myself. In the hairdressing salon it is the same, almost all of us want the hair we do not have.

Curly Or Wavy Hair Continues To Rise

In the 80s it was the boom of the curls and now, the curls become reinvented. And is that curly hair, wavy or with some gesture favors the majority. However, now the waves are more open and much more natural.

The important thing is that the hair looks healthy and shiny. This is where the real challenge of making a molding begins.

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What is the difference between a molding and a permanent one?

  • In the permanent curlers or curlers of a much smaller diameter are used. The product that is used will depend on whether the hair is:
  • Very thick and strong
  • Normal
  • Colored
  • Very sensitized
  • The molding is the name given to the technique of getting a more natural – looking curl. The formulation of the products, fortunately, has improved markedly.


We are going to unveil some erroneous beliefs based on bad experiences.


  • The molding or permanent burning the hair.
  • After a better molding do not stretch again with dryer because the curl goes.
  • You can not repeat the molding until your hair does not go completely curl.
  • The molding does not need almost any care.


  • A mold inspection miami can be much less damaging than curling the hair every day with thermal tools.
  • You can straighten your hair whenever you want, but be aware that if you have done a molding, you will smooth it out promptly.
  • You can repeat one cast on top of another as long as you maintain the necessary care. Your hairdresser will tell you when you can repeat it again. I recommend that you listen to it and do not rush it because, otherwise, it is when the hair ends up spoiled.
  • Like any hair, when we alter its shape or color artificially with chemical products we will need to maintain specific care for its restoration.


Once you have decided to take the step, I recommend that one or two weeks before you perform in your salon one or two treatments to regulate the porosity of your hair and prevent hair from being punished.

Care after molding Care

Daily washing, always use a specific shampoo and conditioner for curly hair or a refreshing one.

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