What exactly is elevator music?

We have all heard of “elevator music” the type of easy listening sometimes classical music that hear in the elevator/lift as you travel either up or down to your destination. It is similar to the pianist you may find playing in a high-class restaurant or wine bar. But did you know that there is a much bigger theory behind the use of this music. Music speaks to us on an emotional level and can influence the way we react to our surroundings and can also make us buy certain products or spend more time in a particular place. This is where Music for business companies such as https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-media/ can help you by providing you with advice and supply you with everything you need to be making the most of any music you play in your business environment.

Music that is played to compliment the work that you undertake such as music played in a hairdressers or music played in shops whilst you are shopping is known as background music as is usually played at a low volume. This is because the music is not intended to be the focal point, unlike the music that is played in a nightclub which is intended to be one of the main focuses and the reason why people attend the nightclub in the first place.

There have been some studies undertaken that have looked at the changes in people’s behaviour when listening to music. For example, it is thought that when watching an advert that contains music with lyrics included you are more likely to be switched off from buying the product rather than feeling connected to it. However, playing music that consumers can in effect sing along to in a shopping arcade can actually have a positive impact on their buying habits and you will find that your customers will often stay longer in your store compared to one that plays no music at all. Essentially the happier shopping customers feel the more likely they are buy. Of course, the caveat with this is that you need to know your customer demographic and make sure that the music that you play is appropriate for them and will help your brand connect further with them rather than repel them. If you have a young dynamic brand you may not want to be playing music from the 1960s and equally if you appeal to an old market it might not be the best idea to play rap music throughout your business environment.

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