What are tree companies? What do they do and whom to choose?

Tree companies are those who take care of a tree and the person who takes care of the trees is known as Arborist or a tree surgeon, a person whose jobs is to take care of the trees and treat the damaged trees or have a disease specially cutting off branches or preserving them. The tree company’s job is to take care of the trees by fertilizing them, monitoring them from insects, consulting on tree related issues and occasionally planting, removing and transplanting them.

There are a lot of professional tree care service companies now a days and whenever you hire a tree care company one needs to make sure that they have access to the most recent information about tree care practices and also they are insured to protect you and your valuable property.One should always choose an accreditation tree company as those companies goes through rigorous application process and pre-qualifies companies to safeguard consumers in audit areas and moreover one should know the difference between Arborist certificate and an Accreditation.

The accreditation companies pre-qualify some of the consumer safeguard audit areas.

  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Best Business Practice
  • Ethical Business Conduct
  • Employee Training
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Arborist certificate
  • Insurance coverage
  • Work Estimates and Specifications

As we know it is impossible to imagine the world without trees and greenery around us, the shade and without the gentle wind in the summers. The tree care companies employ staff trained in tree biology and in the proper methods how to keep a tree or in that case a shrub healthy. They can also identify the diseases and the insects that can harm the trees. These companies also help protect the people and assets from injury or any kind of property damage by tree such as cracks in the tree trunk, decayed limbs and damaged root system. It takes an expert to recognize all these possible issues in a tree as the defects can be hidden inside the trunk, root system etc.

The companies with TCIA accreditation has to provide full prove documents in many areas that protects consumers and even the sales personnel must be trained in the technical proficiency where the training includes tree disease and injury diagnosis, safety, soil science, pest control etc.

Although TCIA associations is a voluntary process, but it had evolved its entire business to ensure that all the employees that work on any property meets all professional needs and requirements. Moreover the TCIA association checks to see that businesses in many states hold proper licenses.    So, they are the ones who ensure tree companies perform properly.

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