What Are The Dosages For Primo and Trenbolone Stack?

Primobolan or Primo is a mild oral steroid which is ideal for cutting cycle. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid which is popular as a performance enhancer. But the problem in using Trenbolone or Primo is that it suppresses the natural production of testosterone. Yet, most of the athletes and performers go for Primo and Trenbolone stack because of the benefits. If you are considering stacking them, you should know all the different aspects of the stack so that you can use them to your advantage quickly.

Different Aspects of Primo and Trenbolone Stack –

The first thing to notice is that stacking Primobolan and Trenbolone is expensive because Primo has high pricing in the market. The second point to note is that it could lead to serious lack of testosterone in the body. Even though Trenbolone and Testosterone stack seems to be a better option to take care of the lack of testosterone production, yet, most of the athletes prefer to stack Primo and Trenbolone.

Dosages – Males can take 100-150mg of Primobolan while females can take around 25-50mg per day. The same dosage can be used for the therapy session as well as performance enhancing the session. When you are using Primo with Trenbolone, it is better to use a lower dose of Primo for a better result. Furthermore, eight weeks of continuous use of Primo is considered safe which can be stretched to 10 weeks by experienced users, but anything beyond that could be seriously problematic.

When it comes to Trenbolone, 50-75 mg every alternate day is good enough though experienced users can go for 100 mg. Some advanced users also go for 100 mg per day especially when the competition is fast approaching. The recommended duration of use is 8 weeks, and when you are going to Primo and Trenbolone stack, 75mg of Trenbolone is suitable to get best results. Along with this stacking, some people also take in 400-750 mg of testosterone every week to make up for the deficiency created in the body. If you want to avoid the side effects, you can go for natural steroid alternatives and supplements.

Side Effects – Primobolan is rather a mild steroid yet it is a popular performance enhancer. It is not particularly suitable for females due to its virilization effects, and the effects will remain as long as the doses stay in your body. Apart from that, there are high chances of acne, hair loss, and growth in body hair. Irrespective of its side effects, its popularity is high which could also be attributed to the fact that some of the bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed to using it during his time.

On the other hand, Trenbolone is quite powerful, and in comparison to testosterone, it is nearly hundred times more androgenic and anabolic. It is a very versatile steroid and hence, used in cutting as well as in bulking cycle. It causes high in blood pressure, insomnia, low libido, anxiety and even loss of hair. But it increases protein synthesis and muscle endurance significantly in short time.

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