To the beat of the drum

In any full band scenario, probably one of the most underrated yet probably the most important member of the band is the drummer. The drummer sets the tempo for the whole song the band will play as well as gives the grooves. In any song, the drums are like the base for the whole music, in recording as well, the first to record is always the drummer.

Being a drummer takes a whole lot of practice, hand, eye and feet coordination and endurance as well. Drumming is a skill that is acquired and any good drummer will tell you that practice is the most important factor to become good at it. If you are keen on learning this musical instrument, try and check here for drum lesson in singapore so you can start learning the basics.

Learning the drums isn’t easy

Learning how to play the drums isn’t a walk in the park, let alone if you’re doing it by yourself. Learning the basics from the masters is a good way to learn about techniques, theories as well as getting a hands-on start on the drums. Theories might be dragging and boring but is very important to learn (as with any musical instrument). Aside from theories, you must also condition your body to be more coordinated, someone guiding you will make learning much easier and faster.

Learn and reduce stress at the same time

Learning the drums can not only increase your motor skills but also help you relieve stress as well (just don’t hit on the cymbals too hard though). There’s just something about playing the drums or any instrument for that matter that takes the stress away every time.

The basics

In order for someone to improve, one must first learn the basics. This is true in any field and is also applicable for drums as well. The basics of drumming are quite important and will serve as your foundation of learning as well as develop you physically and mentally as well. Learning the basics is sort of a stepping stone to further improve your skills as a drummer and as a musician as well.

Keeping the beat steady

In a full band setting, the drums is responsible for keeping everybody in time, it really doesn’t sound nice when the band can’t play in time with the drums or more importantly, the drummer can’t keep up with the beat. Learning  how to play the drums will teach you how to maintain a beat within the time signature of the song and will ultimately help you future band mates keep in time since you are the one responsible for keeping the tempo.

All in all, learning how to play the drums not only improves your motor skills but also helps you develop a sense of timing and coordination since typically you are using all of your limbs to play the instrument. Learning from the experts will help you increase knowledge on application as well as theory when compared to learning on your own since the teachers are of course, seasoned drummers and will teach you based on what they have learned themselves when playing.

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