The Path Of The Least Resistance Leads To Glory


The fact that people are people will not change until there is a discovery of a new kind of species that will dominate the earth over the human beings. Until then we are struck with the characters that we are born with and the nature of our character without having to do much in return. People always change is just a simple and effective lie that people have made up and told themselves and it has effectively convinced them that it is because of the said change that people react to certain things and do the things we do at particular points in time. But the problem with that theory is that it is a lie and that people do not change and it is just that they want to believe that they can change and then become someone they are not. The problem with that theory is that it can only go on for some time until the true nature burst out to seek revenge. Take for example the average IQ in United States, it is well on the average side and it is not that the country lacks something but a clear indication that people are always the same and it does relate to the intelligence as well.

average IQ in United States

Change Is Not Inevitable

There may be many conversion stories of the religious factors, the pshycial changes that people undergo due to weight loss or weight gain, then there are character changes, the government and regime changes in the world but all of these changes indicate only one thing. It is not the people who are changing but their ideals and principles that are undergoing changes. It is misinterpreted as change in the people and their characters without apparent cause. Same way, when the average IQ in United States is said to be average and in recent years good, it is not the actual factor that people are stupid and average it is actually that the tests and the world around them is getting tougher and more competitive that they are unwilling to keep up and of course change.


Ideally, there should be a great direct relationship with people’s character and their intelligence and sometime when that does not change it is most likely that people are too stubborn to change or that they simple do not want and feel vulnerable by it.