The HD Home Theater System that’s value for money

It’s very easy to just walk into any merchandiser, pick out a home theater system and bring it

home. How you test it at the retailer and how it actually sounds once back in your home can

make a huge difference. Paying a four or five figure amount for a set of home theater system is

not a surprise to those who are familiar with the sound system brand and designs on the market.

Most of us know what a good song or movie should sound like but when we look at all the must

tude of speakers, video players, TV’s and subwoofers out there, we can get a little overwhelmed.

The BNM Acoustics SX-90 gives you the audio you need and is a good choice with value for


You don’t need a huge set of ear-splitting sounding speakers that takes away all the space in your

home. The speakers from BNM has a good balance of great sound, a good level of power, HDMI

inputs and Blue tooth options. It’s not too advanced yet not too simple that is cannot give its user

the audio and music experience they want. A home theater system doesn’t only come with a large

TV and a set of speakers but it needs other components such as a video player and a HDMI unit.

The BNM Acoustics SX-90 home theater system gives you all the equipment you need to

complete our home theater. Some of its features include:

  • 2500 Watt Total System Output
  • Built-In 5.1 Channel Powered Decoding Receiver
  • On-Screen LCD Backlit Display
  • Built-in FM Tuner with Automatic 20 Station Present Memory Tuning
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Blue Stream Technology

When you are done installing this theater set in your home, sit back to enjoy the visuals and

sounds from the surround sound system as you smile to know that you had made the right

decision with your long-term investment. Having a large TV in your living room might impress

guests but add that with a BNM home theater system and watch your guests be amazed, leaving

your home in total awe wanting to come back soon for more. The ultimate experience on audio

systems, you never need to leave home anymore to watch your favorite movies in the comfort of

your own home.


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