Technologies that are changing the catering industry

Food services have continued to outpace the economy for the 12th consecutive year, according to statistics from the National Restaurant Association, and restaurateurs look set to reinvest some of that money in technology to continue improving their efficiency and their attractiveness to the all-important consumers. It remains a very competitive industry, so anything that can give an edge is worth looking into.

We are already used to contactless payments, signing on touchscreens, and are increasingly ordering food on apps; however, with the speed at which technology evolves, there is lots to come, both front of the house and in the kitchen.

Tablet management

Technology will help with organisation. New apps are being developed; for example, Breadcrumb for iPads will enable a real-time overview of tables and covers alongside menus and information relating to ingredients, and finally, it will send orders to the kitchen and organise bills at the end. This is a great option for people setting up their business who do not have systems in place already, or for establishments looking for a complete overhaul.

LED alerts

There is no doubt that kitchens are noisy places full of busy people, and often there are several different languages spoken at any one time. The new Power Soak silent alert system uses a simple coloured LED light system that is easy to see and understand. It is subtler than sound alerts, which might be picked up by diners, illuminating the floor under pot-wash sinks and Power Soak’s dishwashers to highlight time-sensitive tasks.

Vending machines

These are not just any vending machines; instead, they are 21st-century digital boxes. The MooBella ice cream machine takes just 40 seconds to produce one of 96 variations of the delicious treat. Coca-Cola has a Freestyle fountain whereby customers can choose from over 100 different drinks using the touchscreen, which is perfect for cafes and anywhere with a food-to-go offering.

The Next Web has more information on how technology is affecting catering and the restaurant industry, both now and in the future.

If something catches your eye that looks like it might make a difference to your restaurant, talk to a specialist commercial catering supplies business such as

You should also consider how your investment can be future-proofed so that you do not end up being out of date again in the near future.

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