Spinal Stenosis: Getting to know the warning signs

People of all ages tend to experience pain or ache periodically. However, at times, the pain felt can be extreme, prompting the person to look for immediate remedy and respite. Pain emerging in the spine can be unbearable, making the person not to be in a position to focus on his work. With spinal stenosis progressing gradually with time, no immediate symptoms and onset can be found. This is because, the symptoms present are barely noticeable. It is only after some time, that it beings to interrupt life.

About spinal stenosis

It is considered to be the spinal column narrowing down. Pressure is said to be caused on spinal cord due to the narrowing including the neural foramina (spaces), where nerves are known to leave spinal cord. It might cause numbness, pain and cramping in the buttock region, back, legs, neck, including arms or shoulders.

  • Disks becoming drier
  • Balance loss, bowel and bladder control issues may take place
  • Discs begin to bulge
  • Thickening of the ligaments and bones caused due to long term, chronic swelling
  • Symptoms might develop and go with time
  • Symptoms might occur just with specific movements or activities
  • Tingling and numbness accompanied with pain

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Causes of spinal stenosis

  • Spine tumors
  • Injury causing pressure on spinal cord or nerve roots
  • Slipped disk
  • Herniated disk
  • Bone disease
  • Spinal arthritis

Usually, Spinal Stenosis is known to set in and gets noticeable about the age of 50 and above. The recognizable sign of this disease is the leaning forward posture.


Those experiencing such symptoms should seek remedy and proper diagnosis immediately. Consulting the best physician who is a specialist in the domain and getting to know the spine tumor treatment cost in India will help the patient to get the best possible treatment and quick relief and recovery. For such patients, CT Scan or MRI is regarded to be a viable option. Regular chiropractic care, exercise and activity modification can do a lot of good for the patient. Anti-inflammatories like bromelain and turmeric can be excellent accompaniments to the availed therapy. Using NSAID such as naproxen is known to work fabulous with time. but they may come with some unwanted side effects. Hence,  consulting the physician will help the patient to avoid such side effects.

Fortunately, it is very much possible to manage successfully the symptoms using these non-medical and non-surgical therapies. The best results can only be availed by seeking early treatments and not causing any delay in availing it. this will also help to avoid usage of any type of expensive surgical procedures or medications over time.

According to the health experts, it will be useful to take care of the body and to recognize the symptoms and signs of such issues and check out viable remedial options. The body is to be provided with proper supplementation, nutrition as well as adjustment of the electrical pathways in nervous system, thus allowing it to heal, thereby providing possible prognosis.

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