Ron Ozer Says on The Necessary or Playing to Get Fitness

In this era of automation and continuous changes of our lifestyle, fitness may be interpreted as the ability of function of body efficiently and correctively in duties and leisure activities. Research proved that regular physical activity can aid to mitigate various diseases and ill health conditions. Physical exercise keeps bones stronger which serves as a natural treatment for bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. Ron Ozer says, this increase of muscle power helps to burn extra calories very effectively. It also results from more and good blood circulation giving relief to your body and mind. Thus, physical exercise lowers cardiovascular problems.

Benefits of playing games to get fitness: Research studies:

  • A study which was carried out recently reported that persons who play games both indoor and outdoor likely to stay healthy and fit in respect of others who did not. Playing an outdoor game, you liked in early life and continuing may be the key and vital factor to stay active in your old age.
  • All men grow older from middle age to old age resulting in slowing down. However, being the active results phenomenal achievement by one to preserve both mental and physical health considerably. This also enables you to live independently without depending on other persons.
  • Another study who collected data from about 4000 persons also revealed that the men who were physically active in their middle age were nearly three times as active in later periods of life compared to those who spend much time seated and somewhat inactive during their middle age.
  • However, it is not unexpected. The more interesting result emerged when it was examined that how these persons were staying active. It was found that about half of the middle-aged group played sports or practised another formal exercise at least occasionally.
  • It was playing sports and exercise in middle age compared to walking or other recreational activities that best predicted to what extent people will be active in their older age. Longer a person played a sport the more likely they were stuck with it. The study also revealed that those persons who had been playing for more than twenty-five years were nearly 5 times as likely to be physically active two decades later.
  • Though the study involved males only, the study apprehends that the same is applicable to females also. Ron Ozer recommends to walk more as you get older is the good place to start and may have significant health benefits.

However, the study concludes that best chance to stay fit for longer age is the adoption of athletic habits. Taking part in sports even in middle age or early old age may increase the chances of being active in older age.

Regular physical activity by playing sports can mitigate the following health hazards:

Obesity, Hypertension, Cardiac diseases, Stroke, Diabetes, Back pain, Osteoporosis,  Stress management, Mood improvement, Boost energy, Disability and many more.

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