Rollator Features You Need to Consider

As you age, it is getting difficult to move because of the weakening of muscle and joint pains. However, it should not stop you from doing something that you enjoy the most – strolling outside. Fortunately, there are many mobility aids that can help you remain independent and safe. These aids will provide stability and assurance.

One of the most common mobility aids is rollator. The rollator is often called a wheeled walker because of wheels supporting it. You need to consider this if you want to maintain or increase your mobility. Basically, there are three main types of rollator – three-wheel, four-wheel and heavy duty.

There are many best rollators for outdoor use but you need to choose according to its features. Rollators have built-in seat. It is an important feature especially if your condition requires you to rest often. The seat provides crossbar for back support. This allows you to stop and take a rest when needed.

You should consider the following features when choosing a rollator:


Most rollators are height-adjustable. In fact, some rollators have enough range that it can be sold as “youth” model.


The frame is important. It should be able to support your weight. The good news is that there are many lightweight frames made of aluminum. There are also steel frames, which are more durable. Steel frames are recommended for users above 250 pounds.


You should know that there are many types of brake systems for rollators. The most popular is the pushdown and cable loop. Pushdown brakes necessitate a downward pressure on the spring to stop rolling. The brakes should be easy to engage. The brakes will be released as soon as the pressure is lifted.

Cable loop, on the other hand, works like brakes on a bike. They are engaged as soon as the handles are squeezed. This is the reason why this type of brake is mostly preferred. It is crucial that the seat have brakes that lock. This is to ensure that the rollator does not roll away when you are sitting.


When choosing wheels, remember that the larger the wheels, the easier it is to push the rollator. Aside from that, larger wheels make it easy to maneuver rough or uneven terrain. This is ideal for outdoor use. How to know if the wheels are large enough? If it has a diameter greater than 8 inches, it is considered large. Small wheels are ideal for indoor use only.


You should also consider baskets. Baskets can help carry personal items while strolling outside.

After considering the features, it is time that you keep in mind safety tips. When you use rollator, there are four activities that you need to perform – standing up, walking, turning and sitting down. If you want to stand up, do not forget to engage the brakes first. When preparing to stand up, move closer to the rollator and sit as close to the edge of your chair. Place your hands on the arms of the seat and lean forward until you feel some weight on your feet. When you are walking, gently roll it ahead of you and keep it close enough. When sitting down, engage the brakes and reach behind the chair with both hands.

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