Rattan Chairs, Your Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Choice!

There is nothing better than sitting in your patio chair during the summer months while enjoying a glass of lemonade in the afternoons, or enjoying the cool breeze with a glass of wine in the evenings. But if you are environmentally-conscious, finding suitable outdoor furniture can be challenging. But there is one option that is perfect for you – rattan furniture!

Rattan Furniture For Your Patio

For patios, gardens, or balconies, Rattan Furniture is one of the most popular options. They are the most decorative and highly durable no matter what the weather condition is. The rattan material is very sturdy and also weather-resistant. They are low maintenance which makes it a favorite of many furniture buyers who are looking for environmental-friendly pieces.

When choosing outdoor furniture from occasional chairs Adelaide stores, you have two options: Natural Rattan and Synthetic Rattan. If you are not sure how to differentiate one from the other, here’s a brief description of each to help you understand and decide which is the best option for you.

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  • Synthetic Rattan Furniture. This material has raised doubts when it comes to environmental sustainability. But with the rattan garden furniture, this material is eco-friendly and sound are accurate and backed up with plenty of proofs. Most of the synthetic rattan items are made from materials that are carefully treated to make sure that it will not cause any harm to the environment. So for homeowners who are thinking to consider synthetic rattan chairs should not worry about it having a negative effect on the environment. All of the rattan furniture that is sold in the market these days are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and safe to the environment.
  • Natural Rattan Furniture. Like the synthetic rattan, even the natural rattan materials also raised questions when it comes to its eco-friendliness because the actual material used extracted from palm trees. The good news is that rattan is considered as one of the safest material when it comes to the environmental standpoint. Even though the palm tree is limited, the rattan itself is renewable. In fact, instead of harm, the natural rattan is considered to have the opposite effect because it is used as a replacement for wood wicker in some furniture. Because of this, it helps preserve the forest trees. This is why it is highly recommended to consider rattan furniture Australia for your gardens and patios.

Tips When Choosing Rattan Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, both synthetic and natural rattan made are perfect choices if you care about the environment. However, if you have to leave it outdoors, under the harsh weather, synthetic rattan is the most recommended because it is weatherproof compared to the ones made with natural rattan. So even with the harsh rain and heat of the sun, this will not affect the synthetic rattan furniture.

High-quality synthetic rattan furniture should have UV protection to prevent it from becoming brittle or with faded color. You have to look for the irregular-scraped surface to give it a realistic look and not a plastic shine. Also, choose the ones with aluminum frames so that your furniture has more strength and durability.

Rattan Furniture, The Best Choice For Outdoor Space

Now that you know why rattan is considered as the best eco-friendly furniture material, it is time to look for the ones that you need for your outdoor space. There are so many stores in Australia for you to choose from, so for sure, you will never run out of choices.

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