Office timeline and its features

Office timeline and its features

Office timeline is one of the very popular software we have today which is multi-awarded. Office timeline comes on the top of the list among highly-ranked visual project management software we have today. Through its robust capabilities as well as reliable functions Office timeline maker has received best reviews and ranking.

Some of the key features of Office timeline are

  • Timeline styles
  • Tasks shapes and milestone
  • Prebuilt templates which can be customized
  • Copy and paste from other MS applications like Excel
  • Sync as well as import from Excel
  • Unlimited updates available for free
  • Integration
  • Best customer and technical support
  • Elapsed time
  • Custom position timeline
  • Shapes and color fonts
  • Fits a lot of tasks on the slide
  • Adding task duration and percent compete

Best part there is fully working version of the Office timeline available just for free. Hence users can try as well as check this software for themselves.

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Office timeline is mainly designed and built for impressing and attracting the audience. For this it uses very colorful and easily understandable visuals. It is possible to achieve yawn less talks and rule out boring presentations when Office timeline is utilized. The stunning visuals in the Office timeline will take care of most of the talking. Best part when you use Office timeline, it is possible to make last minute changes easily and quickly. This is because this software is highly versatile and fast hence modifications are easy.

Other benefit of this Office timeline is, since it is offered as an add-on to PowerPoint, there is no need of any other software to be installed to make use of office timeline. They are always presentation ready. Just use familiar and common PowerPoint functions available for tweaking these timelines. More than anything this free software is highly professional. It is utilized in most of the industries like finance, healthcare etc.

This software comes with a lot of templates which can be utilized well, and they are completely free. Since the software is highly professional and easy to use, there is no need to hire a graphic designer. You can perform all the tasks by yourself and the requirement is you should be familiar with PowerPoint features. Hence Office presentation saves a lot which otherwise spent on hiring highly expensive graphic artists.

Today office presentation is utilized even for fields like research, academic, construction, commerce and retail, and even for technology fields. It is freely available and offers best templates. All the templates can be customized as per needs.

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