Obsession With Gems and Diamonds- Rick Casper Gives an Insight Into It

While people get to learn about Gemology and its routes, they tend to ignore the fact that it is man’s fascination with these precious stones that actually leads to the establishment of Gemology. In the ancient ages, the Romans had the concept that it was the splinters of the falling stars which turned out to be Diamonds. And even the Greeks apprehended these diamonds to be the tears of Gods. Apart from diamonds, even the pearls were highly valued in the ancient ages. Apart from considering it to be the currency of love and affection, these costly items were also gifted to the women on their wedding or any other occasions as a token of love.

Nowadays, Rick Casper Diamond, a renowned gemologist finds the value of these precious items associated just with the price. The more dollars you pay for these items, the costlier is the stones. However, while studying more about these gems and stones, he also found out a reason why people are so easily drawn towards these shiny items. It has already been proved that the nature of these gems and stones give a shiny and glossy feel that is generally found on the surface of the water.

Even in a survey carried out, where people have been blindfolded and made to touch the pictures of landscapes. When asked how many of these images were of water surfaces, most of the people have given the exact figure of glossy surfaces they have touched. However, apart from this even mental association with the colors have a strong connection with the value of gems. There are several gem superstitions which have connections with the gender. Most of the yellow stones denote secrecy in the male figures but, generosity in the women. Also, white stones on a comparative basis have been sent signified with friendship, integrity and commitment for men, but the same means purity and chastity for the women.

Pearls generally have been used to project power, and a lot of this is because of the Queen of Elizabeth and her crown that stays studded with the best of pearls and diamonds in the world. Even when you keep looking around, most of the powerful feminine personalities have always been found to project pearls.

However, Rick Casper Diamond being a gemologist has an affinity for the scientific ways as well. Going by the present standards, the value of a stone is being determined by the clarity, cut, color and carat. However, not anyone can understand the real value, and hence it is now a commercialized market, where the contemporary culture knows only dollars. As cultural artefacts, the costliest and precious gems can reflect the technology and along with it, these stones also bear in them the capability to depict the values of the civilizations which celebrated them. Be it the great Kohinoor from carved Moghul reign to the exquisite Chinese burial suits made from jade, each one has a story to depict and that is what one must read out.

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