Know about fat reduction

The human body consists of good fat and bad fat. The good ones help and protect our body from becoming weak and the bad one is nothing but the deposition in unnecessary area and body looks bulged without a good shape and structure. So many people follow some fat reduction methods like liposuction which means removing fat from the body through surgery. Advanced technology is using lasers called lipolasers for liposuction which reduces the time consumed for the procedure.

What are lipo laser

These are on surgical methods for the fat reduction. The laser light passes through the subcutaneous fat through high frequency and low wavelength levels. The emissions are targeted to the parts of the body where the fat is deposited. This laser energy makes the fat to liquefy. Generally, the fat which is present in the neck will be very thin and it will get eliminated naturally and in the other parts of the body where fat is present, it will get out through the cannula. You can check the detailed information about these lipo lasers, the treatment and the treatment cost in the following link.

When the wavelength range is between 900 to 1400nm then there will be a rise in temperature, then the wavelength is set between 635 to 670nm to drain fat.6 to 12 sessions of treatment is required for this procedure.

The basic element on which these lasers work is the laser generating diodes. These will generate the energy or emissions and these have a particular wavelength. The quality or the performance of the machine depends on these diodes. These are the main source of power to the number of diodes present in the laser will influence the treatment and also the area of the body to be covered.

There are many brand models available with paddles which range from 4 to 24 made up of elastic or Velcro, these sizes also vary based on the model. These are fixed to the patient body in the process of treatment and these are soft and comfortable.

Know about the price

We cannot guarantee that it is cost effective because the amount will be calculated based on the type of body they are going to treat and the amount of fat deposition the body have and finally the number of sessions he or she is going to attend for the treatment. The more the sessions, the cost will be high as the charge is for each session of treatment.

The treatment may cost from a range from $200 to $1000 for each session depending on the factors discussed above. The total cost of this treatment may range from $2000 to $6000 approximately. And even the cost of the lipo lasers and the LED machines are high and also they need maintenance.

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