Iseries – Cloud Backup and Its Benefits

Cloud backup, as the name implies, is a type of backup plan that is used to store data and information in the cloud or on a remote server other than the computer itself. In the cyber world, this concept is also known as online backup, as the service is usually provided by third-party service providers.

The backup strategy in the cloud is performed as follows: a backup copy of the data is created, which implies sending a copy via the public / private network to a server that is located outside the site. This server is usually hosted by an external service operator, which charges the client for backup, and depending on how large or small your requirements are, the bandwidth required and / or the volume of users.

As for data and information, this type of third-party backup has gained immense popularity in this area, especially among home computer users and small businesses. The main reason for this is that it is very convenient: the capital cost of additional backup equipment for offline backup is not necessary and can be performed automatically, without any manual intervention from the client. backup.

Cloud backup vs. traditional backup

The benefits of cloud computing for both storage and disaster recovery far outweigh the benefits of fast recovery to significant cost savings, not to mention 100% guaranteed support.

The following are some of the major problems that can occur with traditional backup / restore, and the advantages of a high-speed cloud for redefining them.

Problems with traditional backup / restore

  • Most traditional backup tools are more error prone, which explains frequent malfunctions in their functionality.
  • There is also a greater risk of incompatible hardware and software.
  • Consider the additional disadvantage of recovery and recovery that traditional backups have required for so long.
  • Last but not least, traditional backups cannot be performed without important storage. This is not only inconvenient, but can also increase costs in a production environment.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

  • Since this type of support is provided by an external operator, the total costs associated with it are significantly lower. Fewer servers to maintain and fewer manual functions to perform. As a result, this eliminates hardware dependencies over a wide range.
  • Excellent cloud backup target – RTO or recovery time. And also, it reduces recovery time in large portions. So, what used to take days or even weeks now takes just a few minutes, or at the most a few hours.
  • It also provides complete synchronization of the server environment and data backup in the most reliable way.
  • It is also the best tool for disaster recovery.
  • Faster backup to online storage — a natural trigger for cloud backup.

Therefore, backing up to the cloud is a viable option, and if you are looking for an uncomplicated backup, which is also the most feasible, feel free to immediately go to the iseries cloud backup.

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