IRS Investigations – A Brief Knowhow

Tax disputes usually arise in the form of an audit or past tax returns. The four main situations where an individual would seek an IRS lawyer are: tax audit, tax relief, certain criminal investigations, tax court. Other instances wherein you would seek help of IRS lawyer are listed below:

Business tax – Tax attorneys have immense of knowledge in federal and state laws. They can do negotiations and settlements with the IRS, keeping you updated with the tax code, in order to go ahead with changes in tax laws.

Payroll tax- If you hold a business and do not pay taxes in a timely manner or pay incorrectly, a tax audit would definitely place.

Business operations- A tax attorney can help you in your decisions when opening a new business or partnerships.

For any reason is approached for an audit from an IRS notice, you will need an IRS lawyer to help you with it. This could be matters on criminal investigation or civil investigation. Some people are accused for fraud or tax evasion, while some may not even know the causes for being audited.

A person convicted of criminal tax breach would result in severe consequences, including exorbitant fines, the high cost for prosecution and the time someone is held behind bars, which in turn could all lead to a bad reputation in the society.

Noticeable signs leading you to an IRS investigation

An IRS tax agent who has been regularly following with you for paying your debt, suddenly stops contacting you, gives an indication that he may be in talks with the CID to investigate your case further to check on your past nor current records regarding crimes or tax evasion. The tax agent may even create falsified statements regarding your records. In such cases you will need to appoint an attorney to represent you.

Your bank calls you to inform that your records have been called for by the CID. This would definitely require you to approach your IRS lawyer.

Your accountant has been contacted by the CID agents and asked for your tax records. This case will keep on prolonging; hence you will need an IRS lawyer to help you.

If you find a tax agent showing extensive curiosity in digging into your confidential transactions or if he asks questions regarding the intent of your financial transactions, you should stop contacting him.

There will be many such instances or examples where you will suspect something going wrong, intending a criminal investigation. In such cases, you should immediately seek help from competent legal representation from an IRS lawyer in the criminal defense.

Salary of IRS lawyer

The IRS lawyers are usually paid high depending on where you reside, the complexity of the cases, their expertise in the field and their overall experience. The factors determine the payment of the IRS lawyer ranging from 100$ to 1000$ an hour.

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