How to deal with sun glare on your windows

Sunny weather is glorious. Most people love sitting with the sunlight coming through the window whilst they work on their computer or watch TV over breakfast. But what if there is so much annoying glare from the windows that it makes squinting a necessity. Read on for how to combat sun glare on windows.

Harsh sun glare on windows can stop you from seeing clearly and spoil many activities. Thankfully there are many ways to reduce glare and ensure you can enjoy the sun without the annoyance.

Find the Right Blinds

Some blinds are perfect for reducing glare; when given a quick flick, they move to protect you from the sun. Blinds can block out the glare without reducing the light in the room, as the angle of the blinds can make all the difference. Blinds can be perfect for the home and for the office and can look smart anywhere.

Paint Solutions

If your walls are dark, there is too big a contrast between the interior and the sun glare. Sometimes painting your walls light shades can help to reduce the effect of sun glare. This is because your eyes get used to a bright, light colour inside, so glare from the windows becomes less noticeable to the eye.

Clever Use of Plants

Consider planting some strategically placed bushes, shrubs or trees around your garden near the windows. The trick is to consider the soil, location and the amount of sun/shade first, and then choose a tree to suit the situation. Trees and shrubs can block the sun or at least filter it, so you get less glare on your windows.

Anti-Glare Film

If you can’t reduce glare with plants or redecorations, you could install anti-glare film on your windows. This can be installed by Dublin windows and doors specialists, such as This film blends onto your glass for effective relief from glare. It is subtle, cost-effective and a good alternative to blinds, whilst it can also filter UV rays.

Shady Awnings

The use of awnings can greatly reduce glare on windows. Commonly seen on shop fronts and popular on the balconies of apartments in sunny climates, awnings can be rolled out to provide shade from the sun and rolled back in again later for a fast and effective sun glare solution.

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