A thunderhead shower is a type of shower head which gives you the feeling of getting drenched in the rain. It is quite similar to rainfall showerheads but has its own touch of thunder. It has many nozzles through which water is emitted but at a high pressure giving you the experience of the thunder but ends up soothing. It has the water saving feature as well.


The thunderhead shower possesses their own unique features which makes them a stand out from the other shower heads. Some are discussed below.

  • SELF-LOCKING RATCHET:- This is a unique feature of the thunderhead The shower contains 4 such ratchets which lead to the movement of the shower head to the desired position. Besides they are very helpful if the bathroom is used by the kids as it allows you to fold in an easy manner so that it can be kept away from the kids as well as its compatibility regarding using also leads the kids to enjoy their shower time.
  • SPRAY PATTERN:- This shower gives a full body coverage with no complaints regarding the emission of the The spray pattern is even and uniform, hence the shower is pleasant. Besides its high-pressure water emission rinse the body in a quick mode.
  • MAINTAINANCE AND INSTALLATION:- The thunderhead shower is a way to easy to attach to the shower A quick go through at the instruction given in the box of the shower and following according is enough. Thereby doesn’t call for any professional for installation and maintenance.


There are many companies that are manufacturing thunderhead showers and are available in the market among which one is mentioned below.

Thunderhead- the head with the thunder effects TH2.5-High Pressure Rain Shower Head:-

The model is considered to be one of the best thunderhead showers having the unique property of Acrobat extension arm comprising of the 4 ratchet joints thereby causing a free movement be from sideways to up an down. Its feature of positioning with no hindrance solves a lot of space issues .the height can be taken into charge by adjusting according to the height of the user. The installation is very handy and doesn’t welcome any complications. The spray pattern is great provides even water distribution and have a full body coverage. There is a presence of a pressure chamber which increases the force of the water and not the volume of the water, hence having the feature of water saving mode. The pressure created within forces the water to emit in thunder speed but leaves a soothing shower experience.

To conclude, these thunderhead showers are great to use and to add in the bathrooms. You can get the experience of the thunder even if the outside is burning under scorching summer. The unique features of the shower are impressive not by talks but by usage as well. The above-mentioned model is extremely friendly to use. If you are willing to buy the product then just have a quick look at the entire report and opt for buying. The features of the shower are so engrossing that one wants to have such shower in their bathroom to make their shower time interesting. There are many options in get a quick look at it if you want such amazing accessory in your bathroom to go get yourself one.

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