Here’s a Quick Guide to Choosing Energy Efficient Windows

Whether you are building a new home or planning a broken window replacement, it is important that you pick windows with the biggest bang for your buck. This will entail doing the math to determine just how cost-effective your new units would be.

Aside from this, here’s a quick guide to choosing energy efficient windows:

Know the consequences of low-quality windows

Cost is important but not to the point of compromising the quality. Remember that if you installed a low-quality window, it will mean a larger HVAC system as well as ducting. This can turn out to be pricier upfront and more costly in the long run.

Pick the right frame material

Keep in mind that the choice of frame material has the biggest impact on the window’s thermal performance as well as the price. Aside from the thermal performance, you should also consider the weather and durability. In the end, you have to choose windows based on the environment you are living in.

Learn about thermal break

If you want an aluminum window because of its sleek and modern look, it is imperative that you check if it has a thermal break. Thermal break refers to a continuous barrier between the inside and outside frames, which prevent thermal energy loss. A thermal break can effectively reduce heat loss by 20-40%.


Look into Energy Star recommendations

In the United States, Energy Star recommendations are fixed to four climate zones – heating zone (Northern), two combinations of heating and cooling zones (North and South/Central), and cooling zone. You should understand that the Energy Star is a good standard for energy-conscious builders and homeowners.

However, every house is unique. With this, it is important that you work with a window supplier that is certified for a particular zone. The supplier will also take into account other factors like the number of windows and the size.

Choose the right glazing package

The glass in the window is called glazing. When it comes to saving energy, you should know that the glazing is one of the most important components. There are different glass package from dual and triple pane glass to argon glass, krypton gas and low-emissivity glazing.

Of the glazing packages, the low-emissivity glazing is ideal. It is applied on the outside or inside of the glass pane. Its purpose is to reduce the heat transfer in a home. In the summertime, it works by reflecting the sunlight back outside. In the winter, it works by allowing sunlight to stream through the glass. If you install windows without the glazing technology, you will not experience any difference in terms of increased indoor comfort or energy savings.

Check the U-factor

You must be aware that U-factor is an indicator of how insulating your windows are. Keep in mind that the lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient the windows are. With this, you should pick a window with lower U-factor.

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