Here are some alternative Vaping Liquids for you

The Vaping industry is a fast-growing industry, emerging from a multi-billion dollar industry. This is after the took the flight to their umbrella industry which is the tobacco, which has an extensive list of strict rules and regulations that they need to follow. This industry also has become larger and larger with it’s continued detachment from the tobacco industry, making new experiences available to those who want to try out new things, and to their loyal customers.

This industry aims to widen their market by introducing new flavors to their market. In this article, we shall look into the available and famous types of vape that you might want to enjoy.

Vegetable Glycerin

This is the most common type of liquid synthetic that vapers use, apart from E-liquids with nicotine. This does not have the addictive substance, which is nicotine. This product produces a milder but still thick smoke, that vapers say gives off a calming sensation. This product claims to be not as harmful as other, but an excess is still bad for your health.

E Liquids With Nicotine

E-Liquids with Flavor

This type of liquid synthetic is one of the most popular marketing for vaping, mostly to adventurous young adults. A fun element added to this experience, trying out different flavors give you satisfaction to whatever cravings you have. There are so many flavors that have been concocted, all your favorite food will have their own e-liquid, there are even cocktails like a mojito. Every type of flavor also offers a different kind of experience that makes it more appealing to the adventurous.


This types of vaping are fairly accessible, as these will be readily available to any herbal shops. This also offers some degree of medicinal properties. There are a variety of Herbs you can try vaping with, such as damiana, catnip, valerian, passion flower, lavender, sage and so many more. The effects of these herbs will also vary with the type and amount of herbs you will be using.

K2 – Liquid Synthesis

This is a fairly new addition to the long list of thing you could try vaping. This new concoction has been said to have a very appealing scent, that will easily spread in a vape room, and will be experienced in just a short span of 20 minutes. However, since this, a new drug, the preparation for usage should be performed with great care.


As weird as it sounds, Nutmeg can be an alternative for those who want to try new types of vapes. The internet says that crushing some nutmeg and adding a few drops of water to the powdered form and adding to your vaping instrument, and you can enjoy its effects. The taste will not be as weird as you expect and will be very mild. The buzz will also kick in two hours. This alternative is also legal, so trying it out will help you keep your fix.


This article has listed quite some weird and new alternatives to liquid synthetics. Will you be willing to try them out? If ever you will be, just remember that an excess of something will be met with a terrible experience, so slow down and savor these alternative rather than jumping head first and overdosing.

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