Facing up to cancer during the times of pregnancy

It has to be stated that cancer during the period of pregnancy works out to be rare. Since it is rare, very limited information on the same is available. It is expected that the number of cancer prone women during pregnancy is going to increase as most women are delaying the arrival of babies in the world. One thing as per oncology pregnancy medicine is that chances of cancer tend to rise up with age.

In modern times there is a lot of information that is available with regards to cancer. The choice of the correct decision could be a hard choice as there are many points to consider. The first thing to consider would be cancer or any form of treatment is going to have an impact on the mother along with the well being of your baby. There are certain tests which are undertaken to diagnose cancer in your baby that might work out to be cause of worry as well.

 oncology pregnancy medicine

It is stated that there are some form of cancer treatments which is safe for the fetus or this could be during certain phases of pregnancy only. Some others are a strict no for a developing baby. The cancer is not known to spread from a woman to a fetus, though in certain situations it could spread to a placenta. Recent advancements in medical science points to successful outcomes that a baby in prime health condition is being delivered. For sure it is important to consider the fact that a pregnant woman could go on to deliver a healthy baby.

How to detect cancer during pregnancy

There are some symptoms like bloating, constipation or morning sickness that is pretty much common during pregnancy. In some cases these symptoms could be associated with a particular type of cancer as well. It is of importance that you do talk to your doctor when the symptoms spread beyond a minimum level of tolerance.

Sometimes pregnancy could go on to detect cancer at a much earlier stage than normally it would. For example a routine pap test that is undertaken during the course of pregnancy is going to detect cervical cancer. Medications for infections in pregnancy could also provide timely relief from yeast infections as well. With the help of an ultrasound ovarian cancer could also be detected at an early stage.

If any form of cancer is being detected the doctors are concerned whether any form of tests is going to do some form of harm to a developing fetus. For example you might be worried about the radioactive substances that are being used in X ray tests. In fact some of these tests could be managed in a safe manner during pregnancy and this does go on to provide extra information to the doctor in treating you. Research does point to the fact that the level of radiation that is used in an X ray is too low so as to harm a fetus.

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