Bring home the movies with the BNW Acoustics TL-7 Home Theater System

Multi-device connectivity, dynamic surround system or home cinema technology, BNW Acoustics have been on the market the longest. Continuously researching and developing their products to bring you the best audio and visual experience ever. Home cinema technology has never been the same. With the new multiple driver technologies, speakers are now able to accurately recreate sounds that used to be only for the human ears. BNM Acoustics multi-driver speakers give a broader spectrum of frequencies compared to all other similar speakers in the market. The BNW Acoustics TL-7 gives the state of the art kind of technology that you must take home to experience the ultimate movie watching experience.

Home theater systems are also known as surround sound system and it has the following, a TV, video sources, receiver, and speakers.These are all the items you require to set up your own movie theatre experience. Large TV’s are able to provide its audience with stunning pictures, lifelike colors, and details but one thing that would be missing is the sound system. Just adding one speaker will help to increase the volume a little but it still will not get you the ultimate experience. If you are not able to get a large TV, a projector that can produce theater-like images would be a great choice.

Speakers are connected to the receivers to give you the best audio coming out of the receivers. A normal sound system has about 5 speakers but with the BNW Acoustics TL-7, you can choose from a variety of floor standing towers to in-ceiling models. Mix and match, even add a subwoofer and get the complete surround sound speakers.

These speakers has the following features which make it one of the best home theater systems in the world.

Product Features

  • 2200 Watt total system output
  • Long throw pure-bass driver
  • Multi-directional satellites
  • 1 channel compatible
  • Premium audio cables

So get your own home theater system, invite a few friends over, bring in the family or just spend the lazy Sunday afternoon watching an HD movie in the comfort of your own house. No longer do you need to drive to the nearest cinema to catch the latest movie or miss out on the real movie experience as what the audio in the movies was really made too sound.


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