Brennan & Clark Collection Agency On Understanding Your Rights Over Debt Collector

Debt collectors can use aggressive language against you if you have not repaid any loan or debt back. Third-party debt collectors are supposed to follow all the rules as stipulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says Brennan & Clark Collection Agency. The law states that debt collectors cannot threaten you or state that you would be put behind bars. At no point, one should divulge too much personal information and that can help ward rip off.

 Know your debt asks Brennan & Clark Collection Agency

There are high chances that Debt collectors can be rude to women and they can be sexually menacing also. In some cases, the number the debt collector collected may be wrong. The best possible way to retort back is to state that you as a woman do not have any debt.

What to do if they keep pestering you? Take the course of law like that can save the blushes for future. There is a concept of debt buyers who would be buying old debts from companies, and they would be the one who would be pestering you and others.

Take a note of call

If you can record the phone conversation, it is good else take a note of the time in which the call was received. Make sure that you also note the total number of minutes that debt collector spoke with you.1

Be calm

Debt collectors may be rude and aggressive against you through phone. They will have thick skin when a consumer tries to be aggressive against them. So there is no point in being angry at them.

There is no need to plead your case before them, and one should be calm in listening. There is nothing wrong with hanging up the call, and you need to pick up the constant calls that can happen after that.

Make sure that the debt is yours and you can take the cease and desist method through which one can stop getting phone calls.

Understand that once the cease and desist letter received acknowledgement comes back from a debt collector, they can call you one more time and that too can state only what they plan to do next.

Dispute the debt

A debt collector may have reached you wrongly, and one should not be intimidated by their threatening calls. You should dispute the debt immediately.

Hiring an attorney

If debt collector comes threatening at you even after you have given cease and desist letter it is better to go for hiring an attorney. Reporting to authorities with proof is another method of getting back legally at debt collectors.

Assume that debt collector has sent you a law suit for a debt that you have already paid or for a debt that you had never taken. Do not panic and approach an attorney and appear before the court and present it.

Get the message right

Do not panic before debt collectors call. Make sure that you present before them that you know the rules say Brennan & Clark Collection Agency. This would ensure that debt collector would behave properly because they do not like to be taken in front of the law. One should take positive steps to repay debt as quickly as possible also.

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