AMLA GREEN – The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant Tea!

Most of the food that we eat these days are full of harsh chemicals that we have to be aware of. These can be harmful to the body, which is why we need everything that

Most of the food that we eat these days are full of harsh chemicals that we have to be aware of. These can be harmful to the body, which is why we need everything that can help detoxify our body of these toxins. One of the most effective methods is by drinking tea that will not only taste great but also has the best health benefits that are needed by our body. One of the most powerful whole-food tea that is being sold with the best blood sugar lowering foods for sale is in Amla Green.

What Is Amla Green?

Amla Green is the most powerful whole-food antioxidant tea. This is a tea powder that contains the Indian Gooseberries which is considered the most powerful antioxidant-rich superfood that was ever discovered. By just taking it 3 minutes a day, you now have the power to maximize your metabolic health. The ingredients of this product are hand-selected to make sure that the company would be able to provide their customers with the highest quality and the best-tasting whole-food tea.

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Get To Know AMLA

Amla or Indian Gooseberries is known as the whole food antioxidant king. It has an antioxidant (ORAC) value of 261,500 and is considered as the most effective antioxidant compared to other whole foods. Amla is usually grown in India but most of these are already contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, and also fungus. However, Amla Green is organic and wild-harvested and is always tested for purity, and then concentrated 20 times to make sure that they are able to create the ultra-powerful Amla Green.

Daily Dose Of Amla Green

The most recommended dose of Amla Green is 1 to 2 glasses a day to maximize the benefits. This product has the ability to reduce blood glucose, LSL cholesterol, blood pressure, and it can also increase the energy levels that you will need all throughout the day. You can mix 1 scoop of the Amla Green concentrated powder in a glass of warm or hot water. One scoop is formulated with 4 grams of Indian Gooseberries which are proven to improve metabolic health.

It is highly recommended that the Amla Green is mixed with warm or hot water to make sure that the concentrated powder is dissolved completely. However, you can also mix this powder with other liquids like juices, smoothies, or soups. With Amla Green, you are free to experiment to best suit your taste.

Amla Green – Caffeine Free? 

The Indian Gooseberries are caffeine-free on its natural state, but Amla Green does CONTAIN caffeine from the oolong green tea. One scoop of the Amla Green will give you approximately 50 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a ¼ cup of coffee. This is the reason why it has the ability to increase your energy levels.

Many people who have tried using Amla Green can attest to the efficacy and the safety of this product. It is not hard to find because the company has made it possible for other people outside the United States to have access to the product. If you are interested to get a chance to enjoy the amazing benefits of this product, order Amla Green today!