Agile Transformation and its Many Features

Many companies are making efforts to start agile process and for good reasons too.  For example, agile transformation makes it easy for companies to get tasks done faster so that they can move their business organizations to the very next step.  Companies are fast realizing the benefit of Agile ahead of Waterfall procedure and all desire to have a go at it and get their cuts out of it.  To get their companies ahead, many business organizations are going the extra step to employ coaches and trainers, who can teach their agile teams about Scrum.

To make headway in agile transformation, many companies form agile teams to set the company on the right path to benefit from agile transformation. In this write-up, we will focus more on how your company can benefit exceedingly from agile.


This is undoubtedly one of the outstanding benefits of Agile.  Flexibility is right at the heart of agile.  Many of the new business initiatives have very detailed requirements but give very little space for modification of change, especially at the start of such projects.  On the other hand, the agile process gives room for change and it equally looks forward to change.  If the agile team already set up in your company comes about a different and better solution for as specific problem, they can decide to test that new solution and equally switch to it. Agile process permits changes and modifications that can accommodate any change in business priorities at any time.

It places more importance on business value

 One other outstanding thing about agile process is that it places more importance on business value.  It fully recognizes the fact that technology is not sufficient to give solution to important business issues.  In agile methodology, the entire team is focused on responding to the important needs of the business, thereby generating desired result within specified time limit.

Improvement is continuous

 The agile transformation team is never a fully-made team; it is team in continuous process of development. The team is always learning about how to do things better to fast track the company’s process.  Aside from learning new processes, the agile team is always open to adjusting its processes and also collaborating with new teams and experts throughout regular iterations.  The team is ever willing to review any process that seems to work very well and are always on the lookout for any process that can be improved.  Each member of the team is on the lookout for opportunities to improve its knowledge base.

Also, everything learned by the team members can be applied and shared with others on the same project at every stage.  A proper application always has a certain impact on the progress and development of the company, aside from improving the expertise of the agile team members.

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