These days it is a burning topic that the piracy movies giant 123 movies shutting down their site in the pressure of law authority worldwide. As the giant movies streaming site is going to be shut down, hence one question is coming into existence that “………Where will we get free movies now?”.

The record says that over 98+ million people used to visit this site to entertain themselves. The simple mentality behind the scene is “why to pay money for something which comes in free”. Now, most of these visitors are in a panic regarding the future of their entertainment.

If you too are one among them, then surely you are on the correct place following the right article. This article contains hope for all of them as we usher a name called solarmovie1.com

Giving television and film industry a tough competition

In recent times, the online streaming sites like solarmovie1 are so high on the news & their state-of-the-art streaming options are hitting hard on the traditional Television operators as they are incurring huge loses. Up of that premium, releases have happened many times on these streaming sites. Many movies like Star Wars III, X-Men series and many more appeared online before its release date.


These sites are providing people the exact things one wish to watch and more on the popularity note is their option allowing the users to stream anytime anywhere according to the convenience of the user which is highly acceptable for all as they don’t have to wait for a particular show at a definite time Infront of the television set.

Let’s join hand to kill piracy

After the demolishment of 123 movies site, it never seems that if a giant site which was known for its notorious side have destroyed then this is the end of the pirated site. But solarmovies1 are way apart from these mysterious & mischievous activities as, unlike movies123 they don’t host any content instead embed them from the actual producing houses that have the license to promote & market those shows for public entertainment.

But what happens, happens for a good cause. Solarmovies1 is completely dedicated to serving those viewers with the free & updated content so that they can continue watching their favorite shows. Moreover, solarmovies1 provides the option to bookmark shows & mark movies as watch it later – this is something new for those who are streaming movies for a long time. It has been a long way starting from illegal torrent to legal movie streaming sites.


The setting down of 123 movies could be a loss in screaming video site but it is not the end. This is really pathetic as a lot of viewers who couldn’t afford to turn up for the expensive theaters & multiplexes were getting a part of the similar quality entertainment.

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