A guide to smart meters

We’ve all heard of them but do we actually know much about them? In this article we take a look at smart meters, should we get one and what happens when we do.

Smart ambition

The government has said that it wants all homes in England, Scotland and Wales to have a smart meter in the next few years at no cost. Although more than 12 million have already been installed there are still tens of millions left to do.

What are they?

Whether you offer a boiler service in Gloucester or are a resident in Rotherham, our advice is to do your research. In essence, smart meters are state of the art gas and electricity meters.


Whatever your views on smart meters (and there are many, check out https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-5706003/The-great-smart-meter-debate-Maureen-says-save-30-month.html, there are nonetheless a number of benefits from having a smart meter installed; indeed many gas and heating engineers and plumbers too thoroughly recommend them, including http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/.

Benefits include:

Your meter readings are sent directly to your supplier putting an end to entering dingy basements, cobwebbed garages and under the stairs cupboards in order to locate them, read them and send them through to your energy supplier.

It’s obvious, therefore, that as your meter readings are sent directly to your supplier, you will only be paying for actual usage. This means the end of the dreaded estimated bills, which can be wildly incorrect. If you have a traditional meter you’ll know that the process is often based on estimated usage and a monthly bill although interestingly you are only asked to give a meter reading every few months. There can be real discrepancies here especially as we move from one season to another.

On display

Everyone who has a smart meter installed is also offered an in-home display; in essence, this monitors the energy you are using and shows you how much it costs. This small wireless gadget is a fabulous addition if you want to watch the pennies or are just curious about which gadget costs what.

If you go for an in-home display and if you monitor your usage, you should find that having a smart meter is a smart move and will help you cut costs. Another way of saving on energy costs is to switch energy suppliers.

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