6 Quick Guidelines in Selecting Suitable Color Contact Lenses for First Timers

The contact lenses of color are very good to improve their appearance and visual appearance in all functions. However, choosing the right set of two colored contact lenses is probably not as easy as it seems. Some people, especially beginners, will have a problem choosing the best pair for themselves.

We offer you 6 simple tips that will facilitate your consideration and will effectively select the right color lens that best suits your needs.

  1. First, first, what color are your eyes, clear or dark?

Knowing your own colored eyes is the first step in choosing the right color lenses. Users with bright eye color can choose contact lenses of superior color. These types of contacts really shine the natural color of a person’s eyes, without appearing false or possibly unnatural. On the other hand, people with a darker eye color should consider opaque contact lenses to give a noticeable and exciting difference in their appearance.

  1. Do you want an impressive impression or just a change in your appearance?

Currently available in many colored lenses. Anyone can choose the brightest color tone, for example, EOS Barbie King Brown or GEO Angel Brown Color Lens, to get incredibly wonderful eyes. These lenses are incredible, because they are very clear.

Contrary to this result, you can choose subtle changes in combination with the choice of colors that have a minimal tone, but at the same time will give a fantastic appearance, especially for the work operation. for themselves.

  1. Think of the convenience of a color lens.

Be sure to read the specification, especially the water content in the lens, as some people need more water to hydrate the eyes, since dry eyes are one of their problems.

Nowadays, many owners in the world prefer to buy disposable contact lenses once a year. This type of lens is commonly produced in Korea. There are good! Not only does it provide an annual use, but it also provides more comfort. If you plan to buy lenses that you can use for a long time, this is what you are looking for.

  1. Consult your ophthalmologist first if you have a sensitive eye.

You will need a prescription from an experienced eye specialist that will help you buy colored contact lenses. Geo tri color are medical devices, so you should have a test with an eye specialist, even if you have a good view.

  1. Get free color test contacts from your optician.

Are you worried that colored lenses do not suit you? Ask your optician for a zero cost test kit.

Since the optics store has a wide variety of colored lenses, you may not be able to test all of your lenses. Prepare to search the Internet for the color lenses that best suit your eyes before visiting them. Before visiting them, it is better to first find out what color suits you and which one you like the most. This way, you can reduce your options to get the perfect combination for your eyes without damaging your wallet.

  1. Price comparison

By comparing the price of several stores, you can get cheaper lenses. Nowadays, choosing specifications of geo tri color through an online store is actually much cheaper and cheaper.

The prince is really important for all clients, BUT do not buy cheap contact lenses without considering the following factors:

  1. Shipping costs
  2. Price processing
  3. Taxes on sales, if applicable
  4. Reliability of retailers.
  5. Online protection stores

Recently, a lot of fake colored contact lenses have appeared on the Internet, which the seller sells at an extremely low price. Be sure to buy from a reliable online store. Fake-colored contact lenses can easily damage your eyes and hurt you. Always look for glasses that are FDA certified.

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