5 Designs of hospitality furniture that are trending in 2019

Hospitality is defined as the generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers. So, hospitality furnitureincludes furniture that is used in our homes, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. Basically, any place that welcomes guests and visitors requires these kind of furniture.

Hospitality furniture includes products like accent chairs, work/office chairs, lamps, mirrors, sofa beds, etc.

Here we have 5 designs form each category of hospitality furniture that is most popular in 2019.


Sofas / Couches

  • Standard Sofa / Loveseat– the standard Sofa never goes out of trend. It can accommodate two to three people. Sofas are generally made of wood, steel, plastic or laminated boards. The fabrics commonly used are velvet, leather, chenille fabric, etc.
  • Lounge Sofa – the lounge sofa can accommodate one person at a time. It is like a mini version of the standard Sofa.
  • Ottoman –it’s a padded couch that has no back. It comes in many shapes like in rounds, squares, etc.
  • Studio Couch – the standard definition of studio couch is that it is an upholstered backless couch that can be used to serve as a double bed by sliding a cot form underneath it.
  • Sectional Sofa –it is an L-shaped couch, that is, it comprises a two-piece set of sofas that are arranged to form a ninety-degree angle between them. This soda is one of the most demanded hospitality furniture.

Dining Chairs and Stools

  • Dining Chair – the typical dining chair, made of wood, plastic or steel. It’s padded and fabricated.
  • Barstool –this design has a short back. Like a dining chair, this too is made of wood, steel or plastic.
  • Arm Chair – the only thing that distinguishes it from typical dining chairs is its arms.
  • Lounge Chair – it is padded at both the head and the back.
  • Stool –a simple stool which is non-padded and backless.


Dining Tables

  • Pedestal Provincial – the entire table is supported by a single pedestal that is broad at the terminals.
  • Shaker – To put it simply, it’s a dining table with 4 legs.
  • Harvest Table – this table has two broad legs, arising from the centre of the table.
  • Queen Anne Dining Table – the legs of the table are curled at the ends.
  • Elevation Table – the newest design of dining tables. This table is segmented and is made in such a way that it is rotatable and can be elevated. This hospitality furnitureis very common is star rated restaurants.


  • Bunk Beds – these beds are in high demand. Bunk beds are usually made for children. They also have drawers, thus providing more by occupying minimal space.
  • Canopy Bed – the bed is surrounded by four posts. Curtains can be rolled on to these posts to give a canopy-like look.
  • Loft Bed – these beds stand tall on four posts. It is suitable for small houses. Also, other forms of furniture can be placed underneath the bed.
  • Hammock Bed – the bed is tied to the roof by strong and durable ropes. This bed gives off the feeling of being on a swing
  • Sofa Bed – this bed serves two purposes. It can be used as a sofa as well as a bed. A cot can be pulled out from underneath the sofa and can be used as a bed.

If you’re looking for hospitality furniture to decorate your restaurant, club or whatever, choose the best furniture that suits the ambiance of your place as well as gives it an aesthetic and pleasant appearance.

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